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The Maillard reaction has become a popular method for making delicious food in Japan.

The Maillard reaction occurs when proteins and sugars coexist and are heated at 160 to 180 degrees Celsius. This creates a delicious taste and aroma. This Maillard reaction is what makes smoked salmon and dark brown grilled BBQ meat flavorful. The Maillard reaction also occurs with long-matured condiments such as miso and soy sauce, which are indispensable in Japanese cuisine. Sushi and soy sauce are a complementary combination and go well together because sushi is fresh and soy sauce has matured for a long time.

Since there is a lot of baking in the German kitchen, the Germans seem to be more familiar with the Maillard reaction than we Japanese. We thought if we could take advantage of the Maillard reaction in our kitchen without using soy sauce or miso, maybe more Germans could enjoy sushi. That is why the SAKURA Sushi-Café actively offers "Aburi (anflammen)" and "Smoke (Rauch)" in order to integrate the Maillard reaction into our menu offers.

"Aburi" is now an option for Nigiri, and "Smoke" is an option for our sushi set so you can try it out when you order online.

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